We are an award winning production company who make pretty pictures for screens of all sizes and audiences of all ages.
Making films is about making people feel. Or, making them like. Or buy. Or cry. Or follow, swipe, share.
We were born in 2000, but we're still growing, evolving and rebelling like any other twenty two year old does.
We do in fact have a greenroom. But the name came first.
At our core we are creative dreamers and problem solvers who are utterly obsessed with advertising, storytelling and film.
We put talent and creativity first. We nurture, breed and develop talent; established and breakthrough.
We are an ethical and inclusive company and work with talent without prejudice. 
We work with brands who dare to be bold. Brands hungry for cut through.
We unapologetically produce film of a high standard, and work creatively and relentlessly to achieve this.
We operate from our Edinburgh office. We can, and do shoot nationally and internationally. We have a fixer in every port.
We look after every stage of production. From "I've got an idea" to "we need to put the actor on top of a mountain and shoot from a helicopter" to "Your mum called, she saw your thing on telly".
If you think our work sounds good, or more importantly looks good, talk to us.