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Robin Mason

Robin is a director who champions the authentic and cinematic. His work rarely focusing on the heroic, loud, brash or fantanstical. He finds beauty in the unsung heroes and creates patient, observational and visually rich work rooted in fundamental truths.

He works across various mediums including tv commercials, broadcast tv, documentaries, narrative shorts and social content.

Comfortable working in varied environments, Robin can turn his hand to almost anything. From intimate performances with child non actors, to highly choreographed sequences with famous talent, russian arms, stunts and dangerous animals.

He has directed commercials for Adidas, Expedia, Porsche, Cadbury and Nationwide, as well as socially aware campaigns for organisations like NSPCC, Barnardos and The British Heart Foundation.

His work has picked up and been nomimated for a shed load of awards, most recently a Gold at Kinsale Sharks 2020 for his Cadbury film.