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Elisha Leverock Smith

This season’s new boohoo campaign #ALLGIRLS features just that; an all-female cast and crew  where all the heads of department from pre production to post post production were women.

Each brought something different to the project and helped to bring this story to life in the shape of a beautiful but accessible film for the new summer advertisement.  The ad launches w/c 7th August and will celebrate #ALLTHEGIRLS because:

Girls come in all shapes and sizes. Some light up a room and some hide in the shadows. Some are bold and others quietly confident. Some want to look good and some want to feel good.

We see YOU. Boohoo recognises individuality. We embrace it. We are absolutely inclusive of all shapes and sizes, all styles and trends. We make fashion accessible and fun. Boohoo is for girls #AllGirls

This campaign is for the girls taking it to new heights, for girls who are proud of their curves, to girls going through different life stages. For petite girls who won’t be made to feel small to girls who jump on a skateboard to feel alive. Of course, there are only so many girls we could fit into one commercial, but with plans to develop the campaign with more commercials until Christmas we’re looking forward to developing new scripts, casting and exploring an even broader range of girls. 

The new creative vision will make a bold statement, empowering girls everywhere to take charge of their creativity, feminity and or masculinity, taking them on a journey with the boohoo brand.

The initial concept was conceived by Creative Producer Lucy Ball (Greenroom Films) who also took charge of production.  The all female crew was headed up by Director Elisha Smith-Leverock. After studying photography she became a writer and photographer for many fashion magazines which then led her to creating her own short films and becoming a successful director with an eclectic vision. 

The film was made possible by Boohoo recognising individuality, making fashion accessible and fun for all shapes, sizes, across all styles and trends. In collaboration with the Director and the Creative Producer, the cast for our first film has been a carefully cherry picked group of influencers and real girls who are socially savvy with a voice and a purpose from tall to tattooed girls. These cast members are the beating heart of our advert – aspirational yet real girls with likeability and relatable authenticity. These girls will be boohoo girls, boohoo is for girls. #allgirls.


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